28th April, 2020. 7.51am.

My baby girl will be 12 in exactly 1 month. The last birthday we celebrated for her here (my house) was her 7th… I made her a “7 Layer: 7 Colour Combo: Marble cake” Unicorn Cake. This year, I’m not even sure I’ll get to see her… or call her to wish her Happy Birthday, […]

Effective as of 4pm on Monday 4 October 2021: The Emergency Management (Activities Associated No 14A) (COVID-19) Direction 2021 has been created. This Direction specifically relates to the Local Government Areas of: • Mount Gambier City• District Council of Grant• Wattle Range Council These Local Government Areas will enter Level 3 Requirements with modifications. The […]

I need to start writing again. Only, what is there to say, really? That I miss my kids. That I HATE this life that we are forced to endure, when these should be the best n happiest years. Maybe, Perhaps I should write about my recent personal “growth”? About the day (only recently, like within […]

Lost. Wandering aimlessly. Perhaps unable to focus without enough light? Exhausted from constantly having to consciously distract away from thoughts that too easily render the physical and mental cognitions albeit nonfunctional… (unfinished) 20.2.19

The bear.

For what had felt like a lifetime, scrunched up in the dark, he’d waited…. The little girl he loves put him here, as she hummed their favourite tune; he’d counted silently “…19, 20….” yet, she never came. He waited, And waited. “Oh! MORE old toys n junk?!” a loud voice complained. The offending box thrown […]

I need a new bottle, please.

The one I’ve been using, (you know, the place where you put the anger/sadness/etc you can’t release, therefore requiring you to “bottle it up”) is full. It surprised even me how big the thing actually is, but nevertheless, there’s only so much any bottle can hold, and it would seem mine’s at capacity. So I’m […]

800 days

Tomorrow marks 800days. 800days of missing someone I shouldn’t have to miss. 800days of gut wrenching, soul shattering, heart obliterating pain. 800days of guilt and sadness every time I look at my youngest. 800days. Nothing is the way it was Meant To Be. Nothing. 800days. 19,200hours! Words fail me.

Happy New Year

I’d wish u all Happy New Year, only tbh, there’s really only 1 or 2 ppl who haven’t snubbed/rejected/avoided/ignored me for the majority of the last year. 1 or 2, out of however many ppl I know personally (or the 120+ on my friends list, most of whom I’ve never met in person). The rest […]

Can you cut me just a teeny bit of slack, please.

I just try to get thru every day with the very little bit that I have left in me that isn’t totally broken… Every day i am run off my feet, hectic busy, getting nothing done… I’ve got enough stress, enough sadness, enough angst in my life…my goal most days is simply to get to […]